When producer Tex Johnson asked Peter if he would record a whole album of rare R’n’B
and “Two step” classics there was no doubt the recording will be a unique “one off” experience.


The time honoured practice of recording Reggae versions of American songs was performed by Hunnigale himself incorporating his own style of production into the project.
When originally released in 1998 the album itself became a “hard to get” item and was seen as a Hunnigale Classic. I defy you not to sing and dance along to this excellent album. 


A top shelf offering! 


Courtesy & permission: Tex Johnson / Discotex Records     

Several producers were brought together to make this stunning album with Peter being the Pièce de résistance of the project with excellent results. This is a Jet Star Production featuring producers such as: Al Campbell, Cave Team Production, Fitzroy “Wizard” Blake and Nereus Joseph.


When the album was originally released in 2002, BBC Radio 1 Chris Goldfinger designated almost half his show to feature this album along with a live in house interview with Peter which was a rare event for any UK artist on a Jamaican music show at that time. Once again with no exceptions this album stands out as one of the UKs benchmark Reggae productions and is a “got to have” album for your collection. Don’t miss!



Courtesy and Permission: K Murry / Jet Star Records

Welcome to the debut album from Peter Hunnigale containing the track “Be my lady” which was the start point for the prolific career that followed. This album went on to achieve the “Best British Reggae Album” presented at the British Reggae industry awards 1987 and placed Peter firmly on the musical map. This is very much a live album and Peter spearheads his then production crew “Street Vibes” and The Night Flight Band to present this memorable collection of songs. Excellent!


Honey Vibes. 1 is a masterpiece of released and unreleased material and is one of several compilations from Hunnigale. This album stands out as a “leave on and play” item and will be enjoyed by every listener. This is a first Class offering of UK produced Reggae and is a life time
reference to the man and his music. Stunning Stuff!



Courtesy and Permission: K Murry / Jet Star Records


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Remove the barriers is the latest edition from the Hunnigale music archives.


It contains 12 exceptional songs performed on various styles of the Reggae genre and can be regarded as an album for the purists whilst retaining a pleasurable experience in songs of love and social comment. This is an outstanding, memorable album and definitely a bench mark in UK produce Reggae. Remove the barriers had gained both national and international interest even before the release date of October 2015 alongside the launch of the Peter website and is easily a production that will satisfy the appetite of Reggae fans globally. This is undoubtedly a master class offering from Hunnigale.  





This is an outstanding contribution to UK and world Reggae music. Once again Hunnigale executes his craft in song writing and production skills thus providing us with a stunning gem of an album.


African Tears is a benchmark compilation of recordings that will feature well in any respectable Reggae collection.


Mr Vibes is the second song that brought recognition to Peters’ musical talents and is the title track of this magnificent offering from the early 90’s. There are some truly wonderful and inspirational tracks on this album with something for everyone regardless of your musical inclination. Mr Vibes is an essential item for your music collection.